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Although lead generation has undergone a significant change recently, it still plays an important role in helping businesses establish connections, provide qualified leads, and simply close deals. Regardless of the size of the business, lead generation is beneficial for all types of B2B businesses.

Lead generation: What is it?

Lead generation is the process of people’s interest in your business and guiding relevant parties along a pipeline until they convert to paying clients. Some still associate lead generation with huge email blasts and pushy marketers.

However, these methods are no longer effective today.

Both B2B and B2C customers are overrun by persons seeking their attention in the modern online marketplace. 

The ability of customers to filter out approaches and messages that don’t resonate with them or aren’t properly suited to their requirements, issues, or possibilities has improved greatly.

Lead Enrichment Software to Win More Deals

Gain access to the most accurate and up-to-date B2B contact and company data and ensure your system's data is always current and fresh. Leverage Panosfic's automated data enrichment solutions to streamlines processes and enrich data behind-the-scenes.

Easy control credit usage and credit allocation for any team member or group of users. Gain insights into most active users, your most frequented ICP, recommended companies and more with advanced usage analytics.

Automatically enrich your system's data with higher accuracy and faster speed. Ensure your sales team is always equipped with an overflowing pipeline of qualified prospects, along with their contact details (direct dials and emails).

Why is marketing that generates leads important?

Any B2B company or B2C company that sells a product or service that is thought to require a high level of involvement in the purchasing process must embrace lead generation.

However, a strong lead generation plan that generates warm, qualified leads can also increase business productivity and morale. Your sales teams can spend more time selling and less time on prospecting and administrative tasks by using an effective lead-generation process.

In addition, although other departments are likely to be involved in the lead generation process, marketing frequently starts it.

If the marketing team can be observed collaborating with sales to gain additional clients, it is clear that marketing is actually assisting in business expansion. This may contribute to the idea that marketing is no longer viewed as a profit center but rather as an important component of the business that generates income.

Business-to-Business Example (B2B)

Large corporate accounts and business-to-business transactions are typical for manufacturing companies. One of Apple’s major suppliers in the development of the iPhone, for example, is Samsung. Apple has business-to-business connections with companies including Intel, Panasonic, and semiconductor company Micron Technology.

B2B transactions are also crucial to the survival of the auto sector. Many automobile parts are independently manufactured, and automakers buy these parts to put vehicles together. For example, multiple businesses typically manufacture and sell door locks, electronics, hoses, batteries, and tires directly to manufacturers.

B2B transactions are also carried out by service providers. For example, businesses that specialized in property management, housekeeping, and industrial cleanup frequently sell these services only to other businesses rather than to private individuals. 

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